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What is Magnetic Level Indicator

The magnetic level gauge is a type of level sensor that uses the buoyancy of water and the repulsive and attractive magnetic properties of magnets to measure the levels of liquids. Thanks to these features, it allows the liquid level to be monitored remotely by integrating with the automation systems. Thanks to their reliability in economical and constantly changing level measurements, they have started to be preferred in many sectors.

magnetic level indicator

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How Does a Magnetic Level Gauge Work?

Magnetic level indicators work on the principle of compound containers. Therefore, the level in the measuring chamber (tube) and the level in the tank are the same. Inside the measuring tube is a float with magnets. As the float moves in the tube with vertical up-down movement, the direction of the flaps changes, and the color of the flaps, which are painted with different colors (usually red-white), changes. This allows us to monitor the visual level. With the adaptation of the level indicator with the digital control device, the level values can be monitored remotely via the automation system.

It does not contain pressure inside the floats. Therefore, they do not pose a danger like pressure buoys.

Fluid On Demand:

  1. Pressure
  2. Temperature
  3. Intensity

Special float designs can be made considering the Working Pressure.

How does the magnetic level gauge work?

Each flap on the indicator plate is equipped with a magnet, which is not affected by shocks, high temperatures and vibrations. Therefore, the corrosive environment and humidity level indicator do not have a negative effect. The flaps of magnetic level indicators are made of plastic or stainless steel and are placed in a plastic, aluminum or stainless steel sleeve. It is possible to set the visual limits on the instrument panel on the magnetic level indicators as desired. It is possible to obtain pump control ON-OFF, High level-Low level alarm outputs with the signal obtained by adapting magnetic level indicators with magnetic switches. In addition, magnetic level indicators can be equipped with a Reedchain switch and analog 4-20 mA output can be obtained.

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Magnetic level indicator equipped with Reed and Reedchain switch

What are the Advantages of Magnetic Level Indicator?

  1. Use of standard pressureless float
  2. Corrosion resistant system
  3. Pressure, temperature, foam, viscosity-independent measurement
  4. Continuous monitoring without external power required
  5. Minimum exposure to density changes
  6. Possibility to be equipped with adjustable switches
  7. No need for background lighting

Depending on the process conditions of the floats, the lowest density material should not exceed certain values, depending on the abrasiveness of the fluid, coating can be applied on them when necessary. In pressurized systems, a pressurized float should be used if necessary.

Process Connection and Dimensions

Nominal Size:EN1092 DN10-DN100

Nominal Pressure:PN6-PN400

Flange Form:B1,B2,C,D

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