Our Quality Policy

We dedicate ourselves to constantly improving our brand and products. We have an innovative organization that aims to expand our competitive position with our competitors, with a customer-oriented strategy.

We plan to increase the value we add to our stakeholders by designing quality, innovative and different products, and continue to have a say in the sector. We imagine and work for an organization where everyone involved in this organization is in mutual trust within the framework of ethical rules, and we work for this, with our suppliers, which we see as long-term business partners, our end user customers, our friends in production. As the UNOX brand, we attach high importance to marketing activities and allocate high budgets, thus reaching our customers quickly and effectively in every field. We can get instant reactions in the face of problems, we provide all kinds of support before and after sales of our product.

As UNOX brand, we adopt being a customer-oriented brand, our primary strategy is to win the appreciation of our customers and to continue walking our way with firm steps without compromising our quality in any way.