We also attended WIN EURASIA FAIR this year. Together with the solutions we produced in the industrial field, we took our place at our stand.

WIN EURASIA – World of Industry Fair, the largest international industry fair of the region and its sector, opened its doors at Istanbul Expo Center between 8-11 June 2022. Combining Automation, Logistics, Welding, Electricity, Electronics, Energy, Metalworking, Hydraulic and Pneumatic sectors under one roof, 28. While the International WIN EURASIA Fair offered a unique opportunity to experience the 360-degree manufacturing industry, it was the meeting point where all the innovations of the sector were exhibited together.

UNOX VALF took its place in its stands with its industrial solutions and its well-equipped engineers. The valuable engineers and sales team of the UNOX VALF stand, which consists of many product groups, welcomed the customers who visited the stand with great interest.


Visited by many customers from Turkey and abroad, the stand attracted great interest in finding solutions to customers’ needs and problems. Control valves, steam traps, actuators and solenoid valves in the main product groups played a major role in becoming a solution partner for customers’ problems.

During the fair, the UNOX VALF promotional film was shown at its stand, in order for the guests visiting the stand to see their work better. product catalog and promotional brochure. UNOX VALF stand hosted its visitors in the best way with the sincere interest and treats it showed to the guests.


We were very proud and happy to be together with you at WIN EURASIA Fair, one of the biggest organizations of the industrial sector.

We would like to thank you, our esteemed visitors, who visited us at our stand, interested in our products, listened to our sectoral activities and shared our excitement with us.

Hope to meet again at the next WIN EURASIA Fair…